363.2 Computer, Network and Internet Acceptable Use






The Baraboo School District recognizes the role of computer technology in preparing students for success in life and work.  The board supports access by students to rich information resources and encourages staff to become proficient with the skills necessary to infuse the use of these resources as a part of their daily teaching.  Users may access local and world wide information sources on education, research, professional learning, public services, businesses, as well as mail services. 


Unless designated for specific purposes, all computers with Internet capabilities shall be available for student use.  No staff member shall withhold permission for use if the student meets the qualifications.  The district offers this service as a means of enhancing the curriculum and providing learning opportunities to students and staff.  For purposes of this document, the term “user” shall refer to staff, students, administration, school board members and guests of the school district. 



LEGAL REF.:       Sections 120.13, 943.70, 947.0125 Wisconsin Statutes

                             Children’s Internet Protection Act


CROSS REF.:      363.2-Rule, Computer Acceptable Use Procedure

                             363.2-Exhibit (1) Staff Acceptable Use Summary

                             363.2-Exhibit (2) Student Acceptable Use Summary

                             363.2-Exhibit (3) Guest Acceptable Use Summary

                             347-Rule, Student Records

                             363.4 Internet Safety

                             771.1 Copyright

                             771.11 Software Copyright

                             774.1 Electronic Mail


ADOPTED:          June 12, 1996


REVISED:            April 24, 2006

                             April 13, 2009


Last Updated: 7/13/09
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