312 Character Education






Positive character traits are commonly recognized as being part of our heritage and as being necessary for the full development of our students and our community.  The integration of comprehensive character education into school curricula is intended to foster among students such traits as respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, sense of justice and fairness, civic virtue and citizenship.  The integration of ethical principles in the School District of Baraboo curricula should be designed to complement the efforts of parents/guardians, the religious community and civic organizations.


All staff members are expected to exemplify and nurture the following character traits:


            Responsibility               The ability to respond or answer for one’s conduct and obligations.


Compassion                 Consciousness and understanding of others’ feelings together with the desire to alleviate distress and/or share in their joy.


Respect                        A high regard for all people.


Trustworthiness            The ability to be trusted and be worthy of confidence.


Fairness                        The treating of all sides justly and equitably.


Citizenship                    The ability to fulfill the responsibilities of all citizens with regard to voting, abiding by the law and contributing to the community of residence.


Honesty                        Telling the truth and acting with integrity.


Self-Discipline              Demonstrating hard work and self-control and giving one’s best in all situations.


Tolerance                     Recognizing and respecting the opinions and needs of others.  Cooperating with one another.


Perseverance                Pursuing worth goals with a positive attitude, determination and patience.  Learning from one’s mistakes.


Courage                       Doing the right thing in the face of difficulty and following one’s conscience instead of the crowd.


Gratitude                      Showing appreciation and thankfulness in words and actions.


LEGAL REF.:  Sections 118.01(2)(c) and (d), Wisconsin Statutes


CROSS REF.: 522       Professional Conduct and Dress


ADOPTED:    April 13, 1998 


REVISED:       May 8, 2006

Last Updated: 7/10/09
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