345.41 Academic Acceleration
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In accordance with the belief that all children are entitled to an education commensurate with their particular needs, students who can exceed the grade-level targets and benchmarks set forth in the standards must be afforded the opportunity and be encouraged to do so.


The School District of Baraboo believes that such students often require access to advanced curriculum in order to realize their potential contribution to themselves and society.


All children learn and experience success given time and opportunity, but the degree to which academic content standards are met and the time it takes to reach the standards will vary from student to student.  The School District of Baraboo believes that all students, including advanced learners, should be challenged and supported to reach their full potential.  For many advanced learners, this can best be achieved by affording them access to curriculum, learning environments, and instructional interventions more commonly provided to older peers.  Participation in the district’s gifted education program is not a prerequisite for consideration of acceleration as an educational intervention.


LEGAL REF.: Sections 118.33, 118.35, 120.13 Wisconsin Statutes


CROSS REF.: 343.42 Youth Options Program

                        345.1   Grading Systems

                        345.4   Promotion/Retention

                        345.6   Graduation


ADOPTED:    May 19, 1997


REVISED:      May 22, 2006

                        June 11, 2012







Last Updated: 6/27/12
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