345.63 High School Diplomas for Veterans






In accordance with state law, the Baraboo School District may award a high school diploma to a United States Military Veteran who meets the following criteria:


            A.        Is at least 65 years old


            B.         Attended high school in the Baraboo School District or attended high school in Wisconsin and resides in the district.


            C.        Left high school before receiving a high school diploma to join the United States Armed Forces during a war period (including, among others, World                  War II, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War)


            D.        Served on active duty under honorable conditions in the United States Armed Forces or in forces incorporated as part of the United States Armed                         Forces


A high school diploma may also be awarded to a person who received a high school equivalency diploma after serving on active duty, if the person meets the other four conditions described above.  The District may also issue a high school diploma to a veteran who has died, but before dying satisfied the criteria outlined in this policy. 


LEGAL REF:  Sections 120.13(37) Wisconsin Statutes


CROSS REF:   345.6   Graduation


ADOPTED:     February 26, 2001      


REVISED:       May 22, 2006

Last Updated: 7/10/09
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