374 Fundraising Activities






The Board recognizes that fund raising activities are part of student organizations and co-curricular events.  The Board supports fund raising projects that are designed to promote the educational and co-curricular activities without interfering with the educational process.  The goal of raising and expending funds shall be for school and school-related purposes, for items outside the budget that enhance the educational program or for charitable contributions.  The specific goal for fund raising proceeds shall be designated in the request to hold a fund raising activity.


In order to encourage a variety of fund raising activities throughout the year and to encourage sensitivity regarding children’s safety and the necessity for community involvement, all fund raising projects and activities shall be approved and coordinated by the district administrator/designee.  The class, club or organization advisor shall be responsible to organize the fund raising activity in a thorough fashion to ensure the collection and accounts of all funds or goods.  Funds raised shall be processed in accordance with district financial policies and procedures.


All student participation in fund raising activities shall be voluntary.  To facilitate the coordination of all fund raising events in the District, all groups including but not limited to:  adult school-related groups, support groups and fund raising activities for charitable organizations that are conducted in the school’s or district’s name, or on school property must have all fund raising projects and activities approved by the District Administrator or designee.


In addition, the school district shall adhere to fund-raising guidelines outlined in state law.


LEGAL REF.:  Sections 103.23, 118.12, 120.14, 120.16(2) & (5), 120.18

                        Wisconsin Statutes


CROSS REF.:  352.2- Rule, High School and Middle School Extended Field Trips & Excursions

                        165.1   Conflict of Interest

                        458-Rule(1) General Procedures for Implementing District Wellness Policy

                        662.1   Student Activity Funds Management


ADOPTED:     May 23, 1994


REVISED:       May 22, 2006



Last Updated: 7/13/09
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