345.6 Graduation
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A student is eligible for a Baraboo High School diploma if he/she has been enrolled in the District and participating in a Board-approved program/activity while attending high school and has earned credits required for graduation as defined in the current year’s high school student handbook.  Students graduating in 2014 will need 21.5 credits; students graduating in 2015 will need 23 credits; students graduating in 2016 will need 24.5 credits; students graduating in 2017 and beyond will need 26 credits.  Students are also required to be enrolled in a high school program for four years, except as otherwise provided.


In addition to a student’s academic performance, teacher recommendations may be used in determining a students’ eligibility for a high school diploma.  Accommodations to the credit requirements may be made for students with special educational interests, needs or requirements, including students with disabilities, consistent with legal requirements.


Any student who transfers into the Baraboo High School will be granted credits for educational progress based upon equivalency of requirements.  The District reserves the right to evaluate appropriate placement and acceptance of credits.


Any student who transfers into the Baraboo High School will be required to be enrolled for a minimum of one full semester in his/her last semester of attendance in order to be eligible for a Baraboo High School diploma.  At the discretion of the District Administrator and High School Principal, exceptions can be made.


LEGAL REF: Sections 118.30, 118.33(2), 120.12(2), 120.13, 120.13(37), 121.02(1)                                 Wisconsin Statutes

                        PI 18   Wisconsin Administrative Code


CROSS REF: 342.1   Programs for Students with Disabilities

                        342.61 Programs for English Language Learners

343.42 Youth Options Program

                        345.41 Course Placement Through Examination

                        345.61 Early Graduation

                        345.62 Graduation Exercises

                        345.63 High School Diplomas -- Veterans

                        420-Rule Procedures for Placing Transfer Students

                        High School Student Handbook


ADOPTED:    January 13, 1975


REVISED:       August 28, 1978

                        November 13, 1978

                        January 14, 1980

                        April 14, 1980

                        February 24, 1986

                        October 13, 1997

                        May 22, 2006

                        August 26, 2013



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