422.R - Guidelines for Foreign-Exchange Students
422.1 Guidelines for Foreign-Exchange Students








The District shall use the following guidelines in enrolling all foreign-exchange students.


1.      Sponsoring Organizations

a.       American Field Service, International/Intercultural Programs.

b.      International Youth Exchange Program (Rotary International)

c.       Any other nonprofit organization which can document approval by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel


2.      The high school principal will determine the number of foreign-exchange students that may be enrolled in Baraboo High School tuition-free by all participating organizations.  Priority for available placements will be given to organizations with longstanding commitment for placing students in the Baraboo High School.

a.       The number of available spaces will be determined by April 1st for the subsequent school year.

b.      The primary factor for determining the number of foreign-exchange students that may be admitted will be the available space within the Baraboo high School Campus.  As a result, the number of foreign-exchange students that may be admitted each year may vary.


3.      Applications must be received by the District no later than May 1st for the following school year.  Applications received after this date may not be considered for approval.


4.      If the host family moves out of the district during the school year of acceptance, the student may remain enrolled throughout the end of the school year.  If an approved host family moves into the district during the school year, the district will allow that student to attend.


5.      The sponsoring organization will be responsible for the selection of the host family(s) and shall document, prior to enrollment, that a host family has been established.


6.      Agreements between the sponsoring organization, the student’s parents, and the student must clearly delineate the sponsoring organization’s rules as well as costs and refund policies and must be submitted at the time of enrollment.  The host family or formal exchange program will be responsible for all expenses, meals, clothing, fees for supplies and specific program costs (i.e. driver education).  The District shall provide copies of the Student Handbook which shall be a part of such agreements.


7.      The principal will determine acceptance of any exchange students by reviewing transcript and other available information and shall send written acceptance of the student to the sponsoring organization and the student by the date agreed upon by the sponsor and the District.


8.      The sponsor shall provide evidence of proper immunization and medical insurance coverage for the students.


9.      The student will be referred to the local organizations’ representative if behavior or attendance becomes a concern.


10.  Exchange students will not be included in class ranking at Baraboo High School.


11.  The school will not be responsible for providing special assistance in programs.


12.  Exchange students will be allowed to participate in graduation ceremony provided they meet all Baraboo School Board policies related to graduation ceremony participation, but will not receive a diploma.



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