361.1 Instructional Materials Selection






The responsibility for the selection of instructional materials is delegated to the professionally trained certified personnel of the district.   Selection of materials may involve the curriculum director, media specialists, principals, teachers, students, administrators, and community members.


Specific selection procedures shall be used when selecting all instructional materials, consistent with district goals and to ensure compatibility with other levels of instruction. 


The School District of Baraboo shall not discriminate in the selection and evaluation of instructional materials on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, cognitive, emotional or learning disability or handicap.


LEGAL REF.:  Sections 118,03, 118.12, 118.13, 120.13(5), 121.02(1)(h) Wisconsin Statutes

                        PI 9.03(1) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code


CROSS REF.:  361.1-Rule Handling Complaints about Instructional Materials

                        361.2   Media Center Materials Selection

                        362.1   Interlibrary Loan of Materials

                        363.2   Computer, Network and Internet Acceptable Use

                        363.3   Assistive Technology


ADOPTED:     April 24, 2006

Last Updated: 7/13/09
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