Personnel (500 - 599)



511 Equal Opportunity Employment
511-R Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Complaint Procedure
512 Harassment and Bullying
512.1 Sexual Harassment
522 Professional Conduct and Dress
522.1 Alcohol-, Tobacco-, and Drug-Free Workplace
522.5 Political Activities by Staff
523.1 Staff Health
523.2 Employees Occupationally Exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens and Other Infections
526.1 HIPAA Privacy and Security
526.1 Exhibit  Notice of HIPAA Privacy and Security
527 Employee Grievances
527-Rule Employee Grievance Procedure
527-Exhibit Employee Grievance Form
528 Staff Conduct with Students
529 Whistleblower Policy
532.3 Personnel Leaves of Absence
532.31 Unpaid Medical Leaves of Absence
532.32 Military Leaves and Absences
532.32-R Military Leaves and Absences Rule
532.33 Jury Duty
533 Professional Staff Recruitment and Hiring
533.1 Criminal Background Checks
534 Substitute Teachers
535 Personnel Transfers within the System
536.3 Retirement
536.5 Exit Interviews



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