Personnel (500 - 599)
511 Equal Opportunity Employment
511-R, Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Complaint Procedure
512 Harassment and Bullying
512.1 Sexual Harassment
522 Professional Conduct and Dress
522.1 Alcohol-, Tobacco-, and Drug-Free Workplace
522.5 Political Activities by Staff
523.1 Staff Health
523.2 Employees Occupationally Exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens or Other Infections
526.1 HIPAA Privacy and Security
526.1-E, Notice of HIPPA Privacy and Security Practices
527 Employee Grievance Policy
527-Rule, Employee Grievance Procedure
528 Staff Conduct with Students
529 Whistleblower Policy
532.3 Personnel - Leaves of Absence
532.31 Unpaid Medical Leaves of Absence
532.32 Military Leaves and Absences
532.32-Rule, Military Leaves and Absences Rule
532.33 Jury Duty
533 Professional Staff Recruitment and Hiring
533-E Professional Candidate Recommendation
533.1 Criminal Background Checks
534 Guest Teachers
535 Personnel Transfers Within the System
536.3 Retirement
536.5 Exit Interviews
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