458-R Procedure for Implementing District Wellness Policy (Rule 1)



458-Rule (1)

Hot Lunch/Breakfast Program:
• The full meal program will follow all USDA requirements applicable to the schools, including government nutrition standards, and the District Nutrition Standards.
• The Hot Lunch/Breakfast provider will be expected to follow the District Nutrition Standards when determining the items in a la carte sales.
- A la Carte items that do not meet the District Nutrition Standards may be acceptable for student consumption within moderation.
- A la Carte items that do not meet the District Nutrition Standards may be acceptable when offered on an intermittent basis.

Meal Times and Scheduling:
• Schools will strive to provide students with at least 10 minutes to eat after sitting down to breakfast and 20 minutes after sitting down for lunch.
• Schools will not schedule tutoring, club or organizational meetings or activities during mealtimes, unless students may eat during such activities.
• Schools will provide peanut-free eating areas if necessitated by student needs.
• Schools will provide students access to hand washing before they eat meals or snacks.
• Schools should take responsible steps to accommodate the tooth-brushing regimens of students.

Snacks and Celebrations:
• Snacks served during the school day or in after-school care or enrichment programs will meet the District Nutrition Standards.
• A healthy snack list may be distributed to parents and staff and include, but not be limited to:
Fresh fruit or fruit cups Graham Crackers
Fresh vegetables and dip Yogurt
Dried fruits Pretzels
String cheese/ cheese cubes Popcorn
Whole grain crackers Low-Fat Muffins
Trail/cereal mixes (no candy)
• During occasional celebrations (i.e., birthdays, holidays) items that do not meet the District Nutrition Standards may be acceptable for student consumption within moderation.

Teacher-to-Student Incentives (Rewards):
Strong consideration should be given to nonfood items as part of any Teacher-to- Student Incentive programs. Should a teacher feel compelled to utilize food items as an incentive, he/she are encouraged to adhere to the District Nutrition Standards.

Fundraising Activities:
• Any fundraising requires administrative approval.
• To support children’s health and school nutrition education efforts, schools are encouraged to use fundraising activities that include non-food items or foods that meet the District Nutrition Standards.
• Schools will encourage fundraising activities that promote physical activity.

School-sponsored events/Concessions:
• Organizations operating concessions at school functions should try to include offerings which meet the District Nutrition Standards.
• It is suggested that groups market healthy options at a lower profit margin to encourage selection by students.

Parent Nutrition Education:
Parent nutrition education may be provided in the form of handouts, postings on the District website, or presentations that focus on nutritional value and healthy lifestyles.

Baraboo School District Wellness Committee:
The District Wellness Committee shall consist of the following membership: Administrative Representative; Physical Education and Health Program Leader, Food Services Director, Chair; parent representatives; student representatives; teacher from each school level; community health professionals; school nurse and school counselor. The Committee will meet bi-annually.




Last Updated: 7/27/10
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