341.1 Reading Instruction






The School District of Baraboo asserts that, to meet the challenges of teaching literacy, the District needs to build a well-coordinated developmental reading program on a set of comprehensive principles that recognizes student needs and promotes excellent instruction. 


The Board believes that the effectiveness of the district’s reading program should stem from adherence to the following goals.


  1. The district shall provide a well-coordinated developmental reading program that builds skills and the desire to read increasingly complex materials.


  1. The district shall devote adequate time and effort to reading instruction across all content areas.


  1. The district shall utilize a broad range of reading materials and teaching techniques geared to student ability levels, interests and academic needs.


  1. The district shall maintain appropriate staff development programs for all teachers, administrators and other professional staff members to assist them in understanding district-wide reading goals and programs.


  1. The district shall involve parent and community collaborative efforts in developing the reading abilities of all students.


  1. The district shall provide reading support from professionals specifically trained in reading instruction.  


  1. The district shall maintain appropriate methods of annual evaluation of both program quality and individual student progress for reading programs at all levels.


  1. The district shall report annually to the community the status and effectiveness of the district reading program in accordance with state statutes.


LEGAL REF.: Sections 118.01(2)(a)1, 118.015, 121.02(1)(c) , (k), and (l) Wisconsin Statutes


CROSS REF.:  342.5   Title I/Programs for Disadvantaged Students

                        346      Student Assessment Program


ADOPTED:     May 22, 2006

Last Updated: 7/10/09
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