353.1 School Volunteers
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The School District of Baraboo recognizes that volunteers can make useful contributions in the schools of the district.  The Board of Education endorses and supports the concept of a volunteer program, subject to the rules and limitations imposed.


The building principal and/or the director of human resources will annually make known to the public that the School District of Baraboo will welcome volunteers. Volunteers shall be under the direction of the building principal and/or the. director of human resources.   When volunteers work directly with children, their activities will be under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher or other designated employee. 


The safety and well being of the students, staff and volunteers of the district is important.  Therefore, the district shall conduct criminal background checks on all volunteers.   Background checks for these individuals will be conducted prior to the first time the individual volunteers to work with the students, and the district reserves the right to conduct additional background checks periodically thereafter.  At a minimum, a background check shall be conducted on volunteers at least once every two years.


Offers to serve as school volunteers should be made through the building principal, director of human resources, or designee.  School volunteers shall be expected to abide by all applicable Board policies, school rules and regulations when performing their assigned responsibilities.


Volunteers will be restricted from access to confidential information in student and employee files and will be responsible for maintaining confidentiality regarding information seen or heard while working as a volunteer.



LEGAL REF.:     Sections 118.29, 118.295, 120.12(2), 120.13 and 948.13 of Wisconsin Statutes


CROSS REF.:       347        Student Records

                            533.1     Criminal Background Checks

                            823           Access to Public Records

860        Visitors to the Schools


ADOPTED:        July 8, 2002


REVISED:         July 14, 2008

                           August 26, 2013

                          July 28, 2014

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