School Performance Report

School Performance Report

Wisconsin Statue 115.38 requires public school districts to provide a School Performance Report (SPR) for the parents and guardians of their students by May 1 of each year.  The links to the data required are below.

Reported by Badger Athletic Conference:

Assessment: WKCE Test Results
American College Testing (ACT), Advanced Placement (AP) and Retention
Attendance, Dropouts, Truancy
High School Completion, Post-Graduation Plans
Extra and Co-Curricular Activities, School-Sponsored Community Activities
Staffing, Finance  (Baraboo District)

All data is taken from the

Wisconsin Information System for Education Data Dashboard (WISEdash)

A hard copy of the School Performance Report is available by contacting one of our schools, or the administration building at (608) 355-3950. Please request hard copies by January 1st for availability by May 1st of each year.

Last Updated: 11/7/14
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