Baraboo School District Strategic Plan

In the fall/winter of 2014, a group of school board members, administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, students and community members collaboratively produced our district’s strategic plan through hours of guided consensus building activities. Our revised mission statement and core beliefs reflect a shared vision for the School District of Baraboo. Our Strategic Plan outlines a three-year commitment to continuous improvement.

The four strategic directions for the district over the next three years are Community Partnerships, Modernized Community Campus, Personalized Learning, and Maximizing Potential of Learners and Educators. Sub-groups of the Strategic Planning Committee will continue their work on these four strategic directions over the next three years.

Over the course of this Strategic Plan, this page will help you follow the progress of these teams. Please feel free to contact District Administrator Lori Mueller if you have any questions or would like to participate on one of these teams.

Current Resources

2015-18 Revised Mission Statement & Core Beliefs
2015-18 Strategic Plan Board of Education Presentation
2015-18 Strategic Plan Overview Poster
2015-18 Community Partnerships Poster
2015-18 Modernized Community Campus Poster
2015-18 Personalized Learning Poster
2015-18 Maximizing Potential of Learners and Educators Poster

Previous Resources

Annual Review 2012-13
Annual Review 2011-12
2011-14 Strategic Plan Brochure
Last Updated: 12/4/15
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