447.3-R Suspension Procedures






1.   Length of Suspension

      a.   Students may be suspended from school for up to five consecutive school days for  the reasons outlined in state law and Board policy.

      b.   If notice of an expulsion hearing has been sent, a student may be suspended for up

            to 15 consecutive school days except as otherwise provided.

      c.   Change of placements of more than 10 school days for students with a disability

            shall be made consistent with federal special education law requirements.


2.   Prior to any suspension, the student being suspended shall be advised by the building principal or assistant principal as to the reason for the proposed suspension and the length of the suspension. The principal or assistant principal may suspend the student if it is determined that he/she is guilty of noncompliance with the policy/rule in question or the conduct charged and his/her suspension is reasonably justified.


3.   Whenever possible, the student’s parent/guardian shall be called immediately and notified of the action taken, the specific reasons therefore, the term of the suspension and that the student is being sent home immediately, or, in the case of a younger student, either the student needs to be picked up by the parent/guardian or is going to be taken home by school authorities. Records will be kept of all attempts to contact parents/guardians. The student's parent(s)/guardian shall be given prompt written notice of the suspension and the reasons for the suspension.


4.   The suspended student or his/her parent(s)/guardian may, within five school days following the commencement of the suspension, have a conference with the District Administrator or a person designated by him/her. The person so designated shall be someone other than the principal, assistant principal or teacher in the school in which the suspended student is enrolled. If the District Administrator or designee finds that the student was suspended unfairly or unjustly, the suspension was inappropriate given the nature of the offense, or that the student suffered undue consequences or penalties as a result of the suspension, the student shall be immediately reinstated and reference to the suspension on the student's school record shall be expunged. The District Administrator or designee shall render a decision within 15 days of the conference.


5.   Suspended students shall be given an opportunity to make up any quarterly, semester and grading period examinations and other class work missed during the suspension in accordance with the District’s student attendance policy.



Last Updated: 10/18/13
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