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This page is going to contain and updated listing of Google links, resources and videos.

Google News

A Google a Day
A Google a Day provides daily trivia, and can be a fun way to teach your students important online research skills. Get a Google a Day classroom challenges, lesson plans and more at

Google Resources

Google Migration Tools
Here is a couple of tools to help migrate/archive your Google Apps account information.
Creating "Chrome Apps"
Google Apps Expert-Google Guru
Cool site with video's on Google topics.
Navigate your Google Drive
Good resource on getting around through Google Drive.
Google Drive vs Google Docs
This is a nice video to help show you the differences between drive and docs.
Google Drive
Get introduced to Google's new cloud storage service and find out how to start syncing and managing your files, photos, videos, and more.
The Story of Send
A nice walk through of what happens when you send your email, apps etc. Security, Data warehousing, transporting....
The Story of Send(Extended)

Chromebook Videos

Chromebook Classroom
I have a wonderful resource of videos that you can share with your students. It goes directly through how to care for your Chromebooks.
Last Updated: 11/23/15
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