343.42 Youth Options Program
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The Board of Education recognizes the value to students and to the District, of students participating in courses offered by University of Wisconsin institutions, Wisconsin Technical Colleges, tribally controlled colleges and private and non-profit higher education institutions in Wisconsin. 


The Board will allow high school juniors and seniors who satisfy the eligibility requirements under the Youth Options Program statute and the administrative rules of the Department of Public Instruction to enroll in approved course(s) at an institution of higher education while attending the Baraboo School District. Additionally, Baraboo High School students with a specific identified academic need may participate in the Youth Options program with board approval.  Students may be eligible to receive either college or high school credit for completing course(s) at institutions of higher education provided they complete the course(s) and receive a passing grade.  If such course(s) is approved for high school credit, the Board shall pay costs in accordance with state law and regulations. 


The District shall pay for no more than the equivalent of 18 postsecondary semester credits per student through the Youth Options Program.  The District will seek reimbursement from students and/or parents/guardians for payment of the tuition and fees paid by the District on the student’s behalf if a Youth Options Course is not completed or failed.  Failure to reimburse the District as requested shall result in the student not being eligible for any further participation in the Youth Options Program.


The District shall establish guidelines to ensure that the District’s Youth Options Program complies with applicable State law and the administrative rules of the Department of Public Instruction.  Information about the Youth Options Program shall be distributed to ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students annually by October 1 in accordance with established procedures.


Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and student.  State reimbursement may be available through direct application by the parent/guardian or student to the Department of Public Instruction.


LEGAL REF.: Sections 118.33, 118.55  Wisconsin Statutes

                        PI 40 Wisconsin Administrative Code


CROSS REF.: 345.6 Graduation


ADOPTED:    January 10, 2000


REVISED:       May 8, 2006

                        August 26, 2013

                        July 28, 2014              

Last Updated: 8/1/14
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