Infinite Campus Parent Portal

To gain initial access to the Infinite Campus Portal, please visit any of our school buildings to verify your household information and obtain your activation key.  You will receive direction on how to setup your user account as well as directions on how to access grades, attendance, food service account and other important information.  Currently the High School and Jack Young Middle Schools are the only schools that allow access to daily assignments.

Below are some reminders for parents (and students) as they visit the Infinite Campus Portal:

  1. Not all teachers enter their grades daily.  This year there is not a specific policy on how often grades should be updated.  Many teachers try to update the online gradebook at least once a week.
  2. Infinite Campus gives access to grades and attendance to help parents and students communicate better with each other as well as teachers.
  3. When students take a test or finish a large paper, give the teacher time for grading.  An English teacher with 20-30 students per class will need several weeks to grade all the papers.
  4. Remember that at the beginning of a quarter, one assignment can have a large impact on a grade.
  5. Parents, before contacting the teacher, talk with your child about his/her grade in a class.
  6. Students, look at your grades through Infinite Campus.  This is an excellent way for you to know what assignments are missing as well as keep track of your grades.  If you see an assignment is missing that you've turned in, check with the teacher, but don't panic. 
  7. The grade on a report card is rounded to the nearest whole number.  The quarter and exam grades used to calculate the semester grade are rounded to the nearest hundredth.
Directions on how to set up Parent Portal Account
You only have to use your activation key during the setup of your account. Then you will use the username that you select.
Parent portal user guide
Last Updated: 9/19/15
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