Baraboo School District - Instruction (300 - 399) Baraboo School District - Instruction (300 - 399) en-us 312 Character Education Character Education.pdf 320 School District Organization Plan SCHOOL DISTRICT ORGANIZATION PLAN Revised.pdf 323.2 Flag and Pledge of Allegiance FLAG AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.pdf 333 Parent Rights and District Programs and Activities Parent Rights and District Programs.pdf 334.1 Elementary and Secondary Education Act Program Evaluation ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION ACT1.pdf 341.1 Reading Instruction READING INSTRUCTION.pdf 341.3 Human Growth and Development Instruction Human Growth and Development.pdf 341.5 Physical Education Instruction PHYSICAL EDUCATION INSTRUCTION.pdf 342.1 Programs for Students with Disabilities Programs for Students with Disabilities.pdf 342.11 Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) Independent Educational Evaluations.pdf 342.11-Rule, Procedure for Obtaining and IEE at Public Expense Rule IEE PROCEDURE.pdf 342.4 Programs for Children at Risk Programs for children at risk.pdf 342.5 Title I, Programs for Disadvantaged Students title i disadvantaged.pdf 342.6 Alternative Education and Curriculum Modifications Alternative Education.pdf Notice of Educational Options Notice of Educational Options 2018.pdf 342.61 Programs for English Language Learners English Language Learners.pdf 342.61-Rule, Procedure for Testing English Language Learners Rule ELL PROCEDURE.pdf 343.42 Youth Options Program Youth Options Program1.pdf 343.43 Middle School Students Enrolled in HS Courses MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS ENROLLED IN HIGH SCHOOL COURSES.pdf 343.44 Course Options Program Course Options.pdf 343.5 Lesson Plan Lesson Plans.pdf 343.7 Online Learning Activities and District Online Courses Online Learning .pdf 345.1 Grading System GRADING SYSTEM1.pdf 345.1-Rule, Grading Procedures Grading Procedures.pdf 345.4 Promotion and Retention PROMOTION-RETENTION.pdf 345.4-Exhibit, Guidelines for Grade Advancement in Grades Four and Eight for Grade Advancement Redo1.pdf 345.41 Academic Acceleration ACADEMIC ACCELERATION1.pdf 345.41-Rule, Academic Acceleration AcademicAcceleration.pdf 345.6 Graduation Graduation.pdf 345.6-Rule, Graduation Pathways Rule Graduation Pathways.pdf 345.6-Exhibit, Baraboo High School Graduation Requirements 345.61 Early Graduation Early Graduation.pdf 345.62 High School Graduation Exercises (Commencement) Graduation Exercises.pdf 345.63 High School Diplomas - Veterans Veterans.pdf 346 Student Assessment Program Student Assessment Program Policy.pdf 347 Student Records Student Records.pdf 347-R Student Records (Rule) Student Records.pdf 347-Exhibit (1) Notification of Rights under FERPA Student Records, FERPA Exhibit 1.pdf 347-Exhibit (2) FERPA Directory Information Student Records, FERPA Exhibit 2.pdf 351 Summer School Summer School .pdf 352.1 Elementary Field Trips Elemenaty Field Trips.pdf 352.2 HS and MS Field Trips HS MS Field Trips.pdf 352.2-Rule, High School and Middle School Field Trips and Excursions Rule HS MS Field Trips.pdf 353.1 School Volunteers School Volunteers.pdf 361.1 Instructional Materials Selection INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS SELECTION.pdf 361.1-R Handling Complaints about Instructional Materials Rule COMPLAINTS ABOUT INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS1.pdf 361.1-Exhibit Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials Exhibit RECONSIDERING INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS.pdf 361.2 Media Center Materials Selection Media Center Materials Selection.pdf 361.2-Rule, Media Center Materials Selection and Review Procedures Rule MEDIA CENTER MATERIALS.pdf 361.2-Exhibit (1) Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials RECONSIDERING library MATERIALS.pdf 361.2-Exhibit (2) Review Committee Members and Alternates E2 REVIEW COMMITTEE FOR CHALLENGED MEDIA CENTER MATERIALS.pdf 362.1 Interlibrary Loan of Materials Interlibrary Loan of Materials.pdf 363.2 Computer Network and Internet Acceptable Use Computer Network and Internet Acceptable Use.pdf 363.2-R Computer Network, Internet AU Procedure Rule Computer Network Acceptable Use Procedure.pdf 363.2 AUP Staff - Exhibit (1) 363.2 AUP Student - Exhibit (2) 363.2 AUP Guest - Exhibit (3) 363.2 AUP Board - Exhibit (4) _ BOARD _Sign1.pdf 363.3 Assistive Technology Assistive Technology.pdf 363.4 Internet Safety Internet Safety.pdf 363.5 Social Media Social Media Policy 1.pdf 363.5-R Social Media Procedure Social Media Rule 1.pdf 370 Student Co-Curricular Activities Student Co-Curricular Activities.pdf 374 Fund Raising Activities Fund Raising Activities.pdf 374-Exhibit, Fund Raising Form FUNDRAISING FORM.pdf 374.1 Online Solicitations/Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing Online Solicitation Crowdfunding Crowdsourcing.pdf 377 Athletic Programs Athletic Programs.pdf 383 Culturally Responsive Practices Culturally Responsive Practices.pdf 384 Holiday Observances Holiday Observances.pdf