Baraboo School District - Community Relations (800 - 899) Baraboo School District - Community Relations (800 - 899) en-us 821.5 Cable Television -- Educational Access Cable Television.pdf 821.5-Rule Cable Television -- Educational Access Procedure Rule -CABLE TELEVISION Educational Access Procedures.pdf 822 Official Newspaper OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER.pdf 823 Access to Public Records 830 Use of School Facilities USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES.pdf 830-Rule, Use of School Facilities Procedure FACILITIES PROCEDURE.pdf 830-Exhibit, Facilities Rental Fee Schedule RENTAL FEE SCHEDULE.pdf 831 Tobacco Products on School Premesis TOBACCO PRODUCTS ON SCHOOL PREMISES1.pdf 832 Firearms and Other Weapons Firearms and other weapons REVISED.pdf 833.1 Sportsmanship SPORTSMANSHIP.pdf 833.2 Alcohol and Drugs on School Property ALCOHOL AND DRUGS ON SCHOOL PREMISES.pdf 833.4 Animals on School Premises Animals on School Premises.pdf 840 Public Gifts to the Schools Public Gifts to the Schools1.pdf 840-R Public Gifts to the Schools Procedure Public Gifts Procedure 1.pdf 851 Advertising and Promotion in Schools ADVERTISING and PROMOTION IN SCHOOLS.pdf 852 Distribution of Non School Sponsored Material Distribution of Non-School Materials1.pdf 860 School Visitors School Visitors1.pdf 860-Rule Procedure for Visitors to the Schools, PROCEDURE FOR VISITORS IN THE SCHOOLS1.pdf 870 Public Complaints COMPLAINTS AND GRIEVANCES1.pdf 882.1 School Resource Officer School Resource Officer Program.pdf 882.1-Rule, Expectations of School Resource Officer RULE EXPECTATIONS SRO.pdf 886 Relations with Tribal Authorities/Native American Children RELATIONS WITH TRIBAL AUTHORITIES.pdf 886-Rule, Procedures for Communicating with and Inviting Native American Children's Parents in the S PROCEDURES FOR COMMUNICATING WITH NATIVE AMERICAN CHILDREN.pdf