Visit Our Schools

The School District of Baraboo has five 4k sites, four K-5 elementary schools, one kindergarten center, one middle school and one high school.  You can click and go to any school homepage by clicking the specific school on the left hand side navigation bar.  For your convenience , you can you can access some of the frequently used links below.

Frequently Used School Resources

Registration Process
Current or New Students to Baraboo
School Contacts
Use this link for a direct phone numbers, and also email contacts to each of our locations.
School Newsletters
This link will take you to a main area where you can link out to all school newsletters.
Faculty Homepages
Some of our faculty create homepages which have lots of wonderful resources and information regarding their specific classroom or grade level.
Maps to our Facilities
Maps and locations to all of our schools.
Elementary Internet Sites
This link has a rich set of elementary internet sites that are used in our 5 elementary school throughout the district.
Last Updated: 6/2/16
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