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Welcome to Al Behrman Elementary School.  It is our goal to help ensure all students, staff and friends feel safe at our school, learn while here, and enjoy the time spent at Al Behrman.  It is our pleasure to work with students in Kindergarten through fifth grade.   We are located near the beautiful Devil's Lake State Park.  Please stop in and see the exciting things happening at Al Behrman School.

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Blosenski, John
Principal, Al Behrman Elementary
608-355-3910 Ext. 6010

Temporary Shuttle Bus

Dear ABE Families,

Due to the construction taking place on South Blvd and the District's concern for the safety of your child(ren), we will be offering a temporary shuttle bus for your child(ren) until the construction is complete in November. The shuttle bus will pick-up students at the outdoor pool parking lot in Campbell Park between 7:25-7:30 am and bring them directly to ABE. The bus will drop-off students in the same location between 3:20-3:25 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday students will be dropped off between 1:20-1:25 pm due to school getting out at 1 pm. Any Kindergartners riding the bus by themselves will need to have a parent or appointed adult at the drop-off spot in the PM before the bus driver will let the Kindergartner off due to their policies. The bus # will be 919 and will have a picture of a gorilla in the window to help our little ones with identifying the right bus. A Crossing Guard will still be stationed near the intersection of Broadway (South Blvd.) and Lynn Avenue for those who decide not to ride the bus. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call ABE at 355-3910 or the Kobussen Bus Garage at 448-4482.


John Blosenski Jr Principal at Al Behrman Elementary School

ABE Receives School of Recognition Honors for 2nd Year in a Row

For the second year in a row, Al Behrman Elementary School received Wisconsin Title I School of Recognition honors for the 2013-14 school year during a special October 8th ceremony at the State Capitol in Madison.  Representing the Al Behrman Learning Community and the Baraboo School District at the ceremony were Bobbi Steele, Third Grade Teacher, and John Blosenski, the School Principal.

According to State Superintendent Tony Evers, "Partnerships among teachers, parents, administrators, school staff members, and the community contribute to the academic success of students in schools that receive this honor."  This is especially true for the educational family at Al Behrman Elementary School.  They put their hearts and souls into promoting academic success, fostering positive values, and enriching the lives of all their students each and every day.  It is through the combined efforts of the Al Behrman Family and the entire Baraboo School District Community that we continue to move forward to make academic gains and provide students with a positive educational experience.  This allows them to successfully continue on in their educational journey and to make a positive impact upon our community.

Al Behrman Parent Support Group: Calendar Raffle May 2015

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