Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

What is PBIS?

PBIS stands for positive behavioral interventions and supports.  There are three main components of PBIS.  

  • Teaching appropriate behavior in school settings.
  • Recognizing students when behavior expectations are met.
  • Providing interventions when behavior expectations are not met.

PBIS is a team based school-wide design for discipline which includes all students and all staff in all settings.  It is proactive, preventive, and positive.  Discipline data is systematically gathered and analyzed on an ongoing basis to best meet the needs of our students and school.


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PBIS Core Values

PBIS has three core values:

  • Be Respectful:

Includes following directions, keeping hands and feet to yourself, using appropriate language, and raising your hand.

  • Be Responsible

Some examples are doing your school work and turning it in, clearing your table in the cafeteria, and returning all playground equipment.

  • Be Safe

Includes walking on the right hand side of the hallway, entering and exiting the building in an orderly fashion, and following playground rules.

What makes PBIS different?

  • The program is focused on acknowledging students for consistent positive behavior.
  • Teachers are acknowledged for noticing positive student behavior.
  • Routines and language with respect to appropriate school behavior are consistent throughout the school.
  • All students are rewarded with classroom celebrations.

Specific procedures for teaching and celebrating the expectations will occur throughout the year. This will be achieved through the use of:

  • Cool Tools

School-wide instruction of expected behavior in these areas:







  • Reinforcement

Immediate recognition for positive behaviors.

  • Celebrations

Classroom and school-wide activities celebrating positive behaviors.

To be successful, our behavior program needs to be a partnership between home and school. We invite your comments, concerns, and ideas to make PBIS work at our school.


Please support PBIS at East by:

  • Reviewing the behavior expectations with your child.
  • Asking your child to discuss examples of ways he/she can use these rules to help them to learn and to participate at school.
  • Discussing ways that these rules can be used at home and in the community.
  • Sharing comments or questions with East School staff.

Student Recognition

"Catch them doing something right."

East school staff believes in frequent recognition of students that are following the school rules. In our efforts to reinforce positive behaviors, students are rewarded daily for their actions with PANTHER PAWS.

  • PAWS are given by staff to students to acknowledge their positive behavior.
  • Once received, the PAWS go into a classroom box. After receiving 100 PAWS the classroom plans an activity to celebrate.
  • PAWS are never taken away!

Panther PAWS are a major reinforcement tool used by East staff. However, they are only one of the many ways students are acknowledged for appropriate behavior.



Even with clear expectations and positive reinforcement, sometimes students will misbehave. Discipline issues are divided into major and minor infractions.

  • Major - issues that result in office time. Parents/guardians will always be notified by the principal or teacher about major infractions.
  • Minor - behaviors that are disruptive to the learning environment, but are handled by the supervising staff member. If the child receives several minor infractions, it becomes a major and the principal will address the behaviors and parents/guardians will be notified.
Last Updated: 7/14/15
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