GLW Fourth Grade Websites


Dance Mat


Ms Yorks Class
Language Arts, Mathematics,Social Studies, Science
Spelling City
A great place to practice your spelling words!
4th Grade Literacy
Sentence Structure, parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms....and much more!
National Geographic Kids
Great info about Japan
California - Net State
Giggle Poetry
Merriam-Webster's Spell-it
Practice for the Spelling Bee here!
Reading Street Login
How Would You Do as President?
memorial day word search
The Horned Toad Prince Story
Lots of facts and games about the lizard.


Math 24
Khan Academy
Christmas Lights
MAP Math
Fun 4 the Brain
Ms Yorks Class
Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science,
Conversion Practice
Math Multiplication Games
Math Magician
Practice Math Facts!
Free Rice Math
Practice Math facts and feed the hungry!


Fact Monster
All the facts you will ever need!
Dib Dab Doo
Fun Facts for all!
Find you town's weather.
Light and Shadows
National Geographic Digestive System
Heart info on National Geographic
Heart picture on National Geographic
Welcome to CELLS alive!
Use this one for your Venn Diagram
More about our Earth
Planet Mass Comparison
World Book Online
You will need the user id and password to fully access this online encyclopedia.
Houghton Mifflin Science
Info about recycle,reuse,reduce
supernatural adventures


Information on all of Wisconsin
Martin Luther King Jr websites
Fact Monster
Mound Builders
Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center
Early Cultures - Pre-European Peoples of Wisconsin
The Old Copper Complex
North America's First Metal Miners & Metal Artisans
Paleo Indians - Think Quest
Projects by Students for Students
A Free Encyclopedia
Mound Builder People
Scholastic Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
Wisconsin Archaeology
Good info about tools
Native American Tribes of WI
Scroll down to WI Indian Facts for Kids
Wisconsin Indian Tribes
Click on the hyperlinks for more information
Net State - Wisconsin
Capital Catch!
Log in with our user name and password. Start with the Social Studies movie, "Causes of the American Revolution".
Capital Quiz
How well do you know the capitals? Test yourself for fun.
Stately Knowledge
Facts and specific information about all 50 of the United States.
Place the State
Drag and drop the outline of each state onto the map.
What State is that?
From Funbrain!
BrainPop - The Civil War
a short video about the Civil War
Pathways to Freedom
Choose your journey along the Underground Railroad


Primary Games
4Kids Games
Educational Games!
Great games for when you need a break!
Kaboose Holiday Activities
Draw, make movies, write stories and more!
carve a pumpkin!

Rocks and Minerals

Mineralogy for Kids
A "Rock'n" Internet Site
Dynamic Planet
Place your mouse over the stars to learn about the different rock categories.
Exploring Earth: How do Rocks undergo Change?
Check out the cool interactive rock cycle animation. Lots of good stuff here!
Extended List of Minerals
Fact Monster
Search for your rock or mineral.
World Book Online
Use our login id and password. Choose World Book Student and search for your rock or mineral.
Last Updated: 6/10/16
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