GLW Third Grade Websites


Ask Jeeves for Kids
Use this for your Yellowstone questions!
Ben's Guide to Government State Puzzle
Great for learning where all of the states are


Keyboarding & Typing Games
Dance Mat


Tumble Books
This website is full of the ebooks.
In The Book
Williams House
Reading Link
A great resource to enhance the reading series for 3rd graders
Write it Right
Make a Word
Book Adventure
4 Kids Games
Fun Language Arts Games!
Giggle Poetry
Reading Street Login
Fun Facts about Presidents
vocabulary games


Math 24
Mr. Nussbaum's math games
Khan Academy
MAP Math
Fun 4 the Brain
Ask Kids
Toon University
A wonderful site fulled with lots of educational games.
AAA Math
Carol's Congruent Concentration
Polygon Playground
Math program for all ages
Pattern Blocks
Math Multiplication Games
Angle Measurement
Start on Level 1, Length 10. Check the box for "Measure"
Math Magician
Math Fact Practice
Check the box for Multiplication or Division, and adjust the length and level if needed.
Crossing the River -
Identify the fraction and help the man get across the river.
Dolphin Racing
Select a fraction to move your dolphin ( hint: select the largest fraction each time )
Fraction Frenzy (equivalent fractions game)
Equivalent Fraction Practice
Who Wants to be a Mathionaire?
Math Measurement
Place Value with Decimals practice
Word Problems
Telling Time
4 Kids Games
Fun Math Games!
Free Rice Math
Practice Math facts and feed the hungry!


The Water Cycle
A great way to understand April Showers and the May flowers.
Dome of the Sky
This is a great web site for learning about the sky.
Brain Pop
Hibernation information
Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce Waste
Edheads - Weather Activities
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Weather from the NOAA
National Weather Service for Kids
Info about recycle,reuse,reduce
supernatural adventures
scrub club
germ/flu information with games and quizzes


A great place to start to learn about our solar system!
Solar System Exploration from NASA
Extreme Space!
NASA's Mars Exploration Program
Welcome to Mars' Fun Zone
Even more Astronomy for Kids!
Planet Mass Comparison
Fascinating and vivid examples. Give it a try!
Hubble Telescope
If you go to the Gallery you will see all kinds of photos taken by Hubble! WAY COOL!


Branches of Government
Monument Project
First People
St. Patrick's Day
Videos from the History Channel Geography
Martin Luther Speech- I Have A Dream
Martin Luther King word search
Martin Luther King, Jr. timeline by kids
Martin Luther King Timeline


Sumo Paint
Earth Day Games
Educational Games!
Great games for when you need a break!
Draw, make movies, write stories and more!


World Book Encyclopedia
This is a great resource for researching
Merriam-Webster online


Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too
A great search engine for all ages.
Ask Kids
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Yahoo Kids
Last Updated: 6/10/16
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