Welcome to 7th Grade Science!!!!!

Mrs. Halverson's Science Work for November 21st and 22nd:

Monday - Bacteria/Viruses Packet - How to control bacteria and viruses

Tuesday - Bacteria and viruses questions / Eat yogurt!





JYMS Science Homework Resources
There are links to many wonderful science websites on this homework resources page. These can be used for the activities contract or just for fun.
Seventh Grade Science Guidelines for a Peaceful Classroom
These are the learning targets and vocabulary that students are expected to know by the time they are done with 7th grade science.
1.a. Living
ET and the Car
This is an activity that we do in class to teach students the difference between observation and inference as well as life processes.
Living or Nonliving lab
This lab lets students evaluate items to see whether they do various life processes.
FIve Life Processes Song
1.b. Science Practices
Here are resources that help with conducting experiments including designing an experiment, making a data table and graph, writing a conclusion and learning to make a claim, back it with evidence and tie the two together with reasoning.
Science Notebook
Claim, Evidence Reasoning Powerpoint
Powerpoint on Experimental Design
Students can use this powerpoint to review how to set up controlled experiments.
Plant Project Presentation Directions
Here are directions about how to write up your plant project in Google Docs presentation.
Plant Project Presentation Template
Use this template to make a presentation on your plant project.
How to Make A Data Table
How to Write Up Experiments in Google Docs
Use this resource to help you write up experiments that are done in a research team.
How to Make a Spreadsheet in Google Docs
One Way to Write A Summary Data Table
What to Include in a Conclusion
1.c. Cells
Organization of Living Things Reading
Here is a link to information on how living things are organized.
Organization of Living Things Powerpoint
Human Cells Powerpoint
Cell Test Review
Cell City and Career
How is a cell like a city? Draw a map and figure it out!
Systems Reading
Body Systems Test review
Power Cell Powerpoint
Here's what happens when we eat and when we breathe.
Cell Songs
Power Cell
Cellular Respiration quiz review
Cells Alive website
Check out this website to learn more about cells.
1.d. Bacteria and Viruses
Bacteria packet and questions
Review on quiz of whether bacteria are alive or not
Bacteria Song
How the flu virus works
How Vaccines Work
Rx for Survival
This PBS show dramatizes how the first vaccines were made and then describes the end of smallpox and about the campaign to eradicate polio.
Immunity and Vaccines Explained
This is a 2 minute animated NOVA video about how immunity and vaccines work.
Study of Giant Viruses Shakes Up Tree of Life
This article from September 13, 2012 can help students with a 4 question on the test.
Your mission should you choose to accept it...
Exploring The Invisible Universe That Lives On Us ? And In Us
This animation show how important our microbiome, the small living things that live on and in us, can be in our lives.
Bacteria Test Review
1.e. Plants
Vegetative Reproduction Reading
Power Plant
Power Plant Powerpoint
Power Plant Quiz Review
Plant test review
Vegetative Reproduction Powerpoint
Vegetative Reproduction Study Guide
Photosynthesis video
Photosynthesis Song from Youtube
Plant Project Presentation Template
Use this with your group to make your presentation for your plant project. Make sure that you make a copy first!
To Make a Spreadsheet in Google Docs-Line Graph
Writing Up Research Projects in Google Presentation
Reproduction Strategies Activity
Review for Reproduction Quiz
Activities Contract
Link to Resources to use for the Activities Contract
Earthworm lab
Planarian Lab
Cornell University's All About Birds Website
A excellent site to find out information about birds for the Adapt a Bird project.
Can Ants Count?
This animated video from PBS relates research where scientists were testing whether ants could count.
Human interpretations of animal communications
A Youtube video of hilarious voiceovers of animals
Animal Behavior Poster Session Template
Modeling Review Powerpoint
Cell Division Video
Watch this to understand what happens to chromosomes in cell division.
POP Summary for Picture Matching
POP Summary for Sex Cell Formation
This explains how sex cell formation works.
Sex Cell Formation and Fertilization Presentation
This presentation explains why we're somewhat like our siblings, but not exactly.
Genetics: Tour of the Basics
Learn about DNA, genes, chromosomes, proteins, heredity and traits.
Sex Cell Formation pictures
What happens if we have too many or too few chromosomes?
Sex Cell Formation Reading
Sex Cell Formation Worksheet
Gene Song
Review for Genetics Quiz 1
Mendel's Model of Simple Dominance
Mendel's Model Video Explanation
Hear Dr. Mesmer explain about Mendel's Model.
Human Chromosomes Powerpoint
Pedigree Construction
Genetic Counseling
How are Traits Inherited?
Understanding Mendel's Model
Gummi Bear Genetics
Gummi Fish Genetics
What happens when the data does not support Mendel's Model? Are different genes expressed differently?
Review for Genetics Test 2
This site has two simulations about genetics, one about dragons and one about peas.
Learn Genetics from the University of Utah
Take a tour of DNA, genes, chromosomes, and genetics. You can also learn about epigenetics, the latest in genetic discovery.
Lamarck's Powerpoint
Tortoise Powerpoint
Darwinian Model
Mr. Darwin music video
Natural Selection Quiz Review
Evolution Test Review
Graph Creatures Darwinian Explanation
Graph Creature Darwinian Explanation Video
Hear Dr. Mesmer explain how to write a Darwinian Explanation for the graph creatures.
Lizard Darwinian Explanation
Lizard Darwinian Explanation Video
Hear Dr. Mesmer explain how to write a Darwinian Explanation for the striped whiptailed lizards in New Mexico
Bug Hunt
No where to Hide
This is a simple, easy to use, computerized animation of the classic peppered moth example. Students control the level of pollution and watch the results as insects are consumed by birds and then reproduce.
Evolution simulation activity
This activity involves fictitious creatures that help you to understand the process of natural selection.
Finch Darwinian Explanation
Finch Darwinian Explanation Video
Hear Dr. Mesmer explain how to write a Darwinian Explanation for the Galapagos finches.
Evolution Song
Evolution short videos
Watch these and write a Darwinian Explanation about how a population changes over time.
Pocket Mouse video
Iguana Case
Variation, Selection and Time unit from Univ. of Utah
Look at: "Recipe for evolution: variation, selection" and time followed by "Things you may not know about evolution." Then you can look at "Change over Time" followed by "Evolution Starts with DNA." If you still have time you can any of the Case Studies under "Evolution in Action."
Sean Carroll Lecture: "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"
Dr. Carroll from UW-Madison relates the history of evolutionary theory and how natural selection works.
Sean Carroll Lecture: "From Butterflies to Humans"
Dr. Carroll explains the new idea of evodevo, evolutionary developmental biology.
Bluebird house plans
Use these plans to make a bluebird house for the environmental service project.
Bat House Plans
Compost Bin plans
Look here to see how to build a compost bin for the environmental service project.
Rain Garden plans
Look here to see how to build a rain garden.
Wisconsin Native Plants
Look here for a list of plants native to Wisconsin to plant for the environmental service project.
How the World Works
A reading about ecology
Food Chains, Webs and Pyramids Powerpoint
Food Chains and Food Web Song
A Youtube video about food chains and food webs.
Food Chains Video
Hear Dr. Mesmer explain about food chains.
Food Web Video
Hear Dr. Mesmer explain about food webs.
Food Pyramid Video
Hear Dr. Mesmer explain about food pyramids.
Carbon/Oxygen Cycle Video
Hear Dr. Mesmer explain the Carbon/Oxygen cycle in an ecosphere.
Carbon Cycle Game
Here's a game to help you learn about the carbon cycle in the world.
Water Cycle Video
Hear Dr. Mesmer explain the water cycle in an ecosphere.
Nitrogen Cycle Video
Hear Dr. Mesmer explain about how the nitrogen cycle happens in an ecosphere.
Another interactive carbon/oxygen cycle video
Virtual Ecosystem website
Try setting up a virtual ecosystem in a jar and see what happens!
Eagle Case Lake Superior
Environmental Service Project
Ecology Test Review
Who Eats What: A Guide to Food Web Clues in Schoolyard Habitats


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