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In the first half of the year we will be studying the dynamics and driving forces of the Earth and how it changes naturally. During the second half of the year, we will focus on environmental concerns and how humans have impacted or could potentially impact the Earth and our environment. During the second semester, emphasis will be placed on students making their own choices for the future. In 8th grade the students conduct many lab activities applying what they have learned in class to hands-on practice. Lab safety will be stressed as a priority when conducting lab activities. 

Earth Science Semester 1

 Lab Safety & Equipment Use
Chemistry & Matter
Minerals & Rocks
Earth Structure & Plate Tectonics
Earthquakes & Volcanoes
Weathering and Erosion
Earth Science Semester 2
Global Warming & Climate Change
Ozone Depletion & Acid Deposition
World Population, Waste Management & Recycling
Groundwater & Water Treatment
Introduction to Physical Science



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  Science Downloadable/Internet Resources

Semester 1

(We have only included assignments that can be completed outside of class and can be posted.  If you have questions regarding any assignment please see your teacher.  Please remember that we routinely update assignments and that the most updated assignments can be found in the classroom.)

Lab Safety & Equipment Use - Measurement


Measurement Test Review
Lab Safety Assessment Review
This is a sample assessment to get you ready for the real one that will happen in class.
Safety Acknowledgement
Students must have this signed before doing labs.
Measurement Unit Review
What's Wrong With This Picture?
Science Safety Rules
Lab Safety Poster
Measurement Readings
Measurement Reading Questions
Temperature Lab Alternative

Chemistry & Matter

2nd Quarter Chemistry Assessment Review
Balancing Chemical Equations
Chemistry Notes - Blank
Chemistry Readings
Chemistry Unit Review
Atom Model
How are Electrons Arranged Around the Nucleus?
Chemistry Questions Section 1
Chemistry Questions Section 2
Chemistry Questions Section 3
Element Research Assignment
Element Research Periodic Table
Periodic Table Basics - Lab Alternative
To be used as an alternative if absent on the day(s) of the activity.
Density Explorations - Lab Alternative
This is the lab alternative if you missed the day we did the Density Explorations lab.
Sink or Float the Lifeboat - Lab Alternative
This is to make-up for missing the Sink or Float the Lifeboat lab.

Minerals & Rocks

Rock Assessment Review
Rocks and Minerals Readings
Rocks and Minerals Unit Review
The Rock Review
Mineral and Rock Questions
Mineral Research

Earth Structure & Plate Tectonics

Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics Test Review
Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics Unit Review
Mr. Phillips Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics Readings
Mr. Phillips Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics Reading Questions
Our Changing Planet Pictures
Our Changing Planet Activity
Mr. Witthun's Plate Tectonics Readings
Mr Witthun's Plate Tectonics Reading Questions
Plate Boundaries Activity PowerPoint
Plate Boundaries Activity Worksheet
Matter in the Mantle Lab Alternative
Complete this lab if you were absent the day we did this lab in class.
Simulating Plasticity of the Earth's Mantle Lab Alternative
Complete this lab if you were absent when we completed this lab in class.

Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Earthquake Assessment Preview
Volcano Assessment Preview
Online Earthquake Reading Activity
Earthquake and Volcano Readings
Earthquakes and Volcanoes Unit Review
Earthquake Questions
Volcano Questions
Phillips: S-P Interval Example Notes
Phillips: Triangulation Sheet A,B,C 1 answers
Phillips: Triangulation Sheet A,B,C 2 answers

Online Earthquake Reading Activity Links

Weathering and Erosion

Weathering and Erosion Assessment Review and Practice
Weathering and Erosion Readings
Weathering and Erosion Questions Sect. 1,2&3
Weathering and Erosion Unit Review
Stream Erosion and Deposition Lab Alternative
If you are absent for a day of the Stream Erosion and Deposition Lab, please print the day you missed and complete the alternative.

Semester 2


Energy Assessment Review 2014
Energy Infobook: Biomass, Ethanol, Biodiesel and Coal
Energy Infobook: Geothermal, Hydropower, Natural Gas and Petroleum
Energy Infobook: Petroleum, Propane, Solar and Uranium
Energy Infobook: Nuclear and Wind
Transportation Fuels Infobook
Solar Home Activity
Energy Unit Review
Design For Safety
Energy Consumption WS
Energy Consumption Readings
Energy Resource Activity
Click on this link for the Energy Resource Activity
Energy Project Directions 2013
How to do a Google Energy Presentation 2013

Global Warming & Climate Change

Global Warming & Climate Change Review 2014
Energy Conservation Awareness
Global Warming and Climate Change Readings
Global Warming and Climate Change Unit Review
Global Warming Questions
Students can write on this copy.
Global Warming Begins at Home
Global Warming Notes - Witthun
Global Warming and Climate Change Arguments
Global Warming and Climate Change Arguments Rubric
Part 1 Figures for Global Warming and Climate Change Arguments
Part 2 Figures for Global Warming and Climate Change Arguments
Part 3 Figures for Global Warming and Climate Change Arguments
Reading Activity for Global Warming and Climate Change Unit 2012

GOES-R Activity

GOES R Student Activity 1
GOES R Student Activity 2
GOES R Student Activity 3

Ozone Depletion & Acid Deposition

Acid Deposition Assessment Preview2014
Ozone Assessment Preview 2014
Acid Rain Readings
Ozone Readings
Acid Rain and Ozone Questions
Ozone Depletion and Acid Deposition Review
Ozone Activity Parts 1 and 2
Ozone Activity Part 3
Ozone Activity Part 4
Ozone Notes - Fill in the blank
World Population, Waste Management & Recycling
Waste Management, Recycling and Plastics Assessment Preview
Population Test Review
Re-Use It Project
Population Readings
Plastics Readings
World Population, Waste Management & Recycling Unit Review
On the Double
Gadget Recycling Article
Gadget Recycling Article Questions

Groundwater & Water Treatment

Groundwater Reading Questions
Groundwater Readings
Groundwater & Water Treatment Unit Review
It'll Go With The Flow
Trouble In Paradise
Groundwater Law
Round and Round it Goes
Wisconsin's Major Aquifers
Round and Round It Goes activity poster
Use this poster to help you answer the questions.
Baraboo Water Treatment and Septic Systems
Groundwater Test Review

Introduction to Physical Science

Physics Readings
Physics Questions
Physics Unit Review
Catapult Project
Introductions to Physics Notes 2013

Parent Resources

Tips and suggestions to help your students do better in science.

What to Do When Your Child Refuses to Do Homework
What to Do When Your Child Waits Until the Last Minute to Finish Assignments
What to Do When Your Child Will Not Do Homework If You Aren?t Home
What to Do When Your Child Will Not Do Homework on His Own
What to Do When Your Child Takes All Night to Finish Homework
What to Do When Your Child Fails to Bring Home Assignments
What to Do When Your Child Does Not Do Her Best Work
How to Help Your Child Study for a Test

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