Baraboo School District - Community Relations (800 - 899) Baraboo School District - Community Relations (800 - 899) en-us 821.5 Cable Television -- Educational Access // Cable Television.pdf 821.5-Rule Cable Television -- Educational Access Procedure // Rule -CABLE TELEVISION Educational Access Procedures.pdf 822 Official Newspaper // OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER.pdf 823 Access to Public Records // 830 Use of School Facilities // USE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES.pdf 830-Rule, Use of School Facilities Procedure // FACILITIES PROCEDURE.pdf 830-Exhibit, Facilities Rental Fee Schedule // RENTAL FEE SCHEDULE.pdf 831 Tobacco Products on School Premesis // TOBACCO PRODUCTS ON SCHOOL PREMISES1.pdf 832 Firearms and Other Weapons // Firearms and other weapons REVISED.pdf 833.1 Sportsmanship // SPORTSMANSHIP.pdf 833.2 Alcohol and Drugs on School Property // ALCOHOL AND DRUGS ON SCHOOL PREMISES.pdf 833.4 Animals on School Premises // Animals on School Premises.pdf 840 Public Gifts to the Schools // Public Gifts To the Schools .pdf 840-R Public Gifts to the Schools Procedure // Public Gifts Procedure 1.pdf 851 Advertising and Promotion in Schools // ADVERTISING and PROMOTION IN SCHOOLS.pdf 852 Distribution of Non School Sponsored Material // Distribution of Non-School Materials1.pdf 860 School Visitors // School Visitors1.pdf 860-Rule Procedure for Visitors to the Schools // PROCEDURE FOR VISITORS IN THE SCHOOLS.pdf 870 Public Complaints // COMPLAINTS AND GRIEVANCES.pdf 882.1 School Resource Officer // School Resource Officer Program.pdf 882.1-Rule, Expectations of School Resource Officer // RULE EXPECTATIONS SRO.pdf 886 Relations with Tribal Authorities/Native American Children // RELATIONS WITH TRIBAL AUTHORITIES.pdf 886-Rule, Procedures for Communicating with and Inviting Native American Children's Parents in the S // PROCEDURES FOR COMMUNICATING WITH NATIVE AMERICAN CHILDREN.pdf