Welcome to Baraboo High School Student Services

Important Information

BHS School Counselors

The counselors at BHS are here to help you with...

  • Post High School Decision Making 

  • Personal/Social Decision Making

  • Scheduling Classes

  • Career Decisions

  • Academics Problem

  • Solving  Study Skills & much, much more...

If you wish to speak to or make an appointment with a counselor, please call 355-3943 or email us by clicking the links next to our names below.

Joe Bavinka

Joe Bavlnka

School Counselor: Last Names A-G

608-448-6683 or 608-355-3950 Ext. 2031


Marcie Gratz

Marcie Gratz

School Counselor: Last Names P-Z

608-355-3950 Ext. 2030


Andrea Saldivar

Andrea Romero

Student Services Administrative Assistant

608-355-3943 Ext. 2041


Brittany Schmidt

Brittany Schmidt

School Counselor: Last Names H-O

608-355-3950 Ext. 2032


Schoolwide Supports

Jennifer Lombardi

Jennifer Lombardi

School Social Worker

608-355-3770; 608-355-3940 Ext. 2034

Elijah Hill

Elijah "LJ" Hill

Student & Family Engagement Specialist (SAFE)

608-355-3950 ext 2303