Dr. Briggs


Dr. Rainey Briggs was named superintendent for the School District of Baraboo in July 2021 after serving as Director of Elementary Education in the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District for the past five years. Dr. Briggs has served as a cultural liaison, teacher, and principal.

As an African American boy growing up in poverty, Dr. Briggs quickly learned how to advocate for himself and others, and he has carried that passion over into his daily work. Dr. Briggs strives to bring a voice to marginalized students and families. As a principal, he collaborated with staff and families to bring the motto "Every kid, Every day, Whatever it Takes" to the forefront of their school and a mission to live by daily. 

As Dr. Briggs transitions into the role of Superintendent of Baraboo School District will seek input from various stakeholder as part of an organizational assessment detailed in his entry plan. The findings and recommendations from the assessment will be analyzed with the intention of constructing greater clarity for the work necessary to achieve the desired vision and mission of the District. 

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