Teacher Awards

Distinguished Elementary Teacher Award

DETA Nomination Form The Distinguished Elementary Teacher Award is presented annually to an outstanding elementary teacher in the School District of Baraboo. The purpose of the award is to recognize and honor educators who have distinguished themselves by their instructional skills, their leadership and their dedication to the young people of the community. Letters of support must be delivered to Glenn Bildsten at Baraboo High School, 1201 Draper Street, Baraboo, WI, 53913, by Monday, March 14, 2022 to be valid.

DETA Past Recipients

Excellence in Education Award

EIEA Nomination Form The School District is now seeking nominations for the Excellence in Education Award (middle school and high school educators) and the Distinguished Elementary Teacher Award for 2019. Nominations may be made by a teacher colleague, an administrator, a parent of a student or a current or former student. Submitting a nomination will also require that the nominator write a letter in support of the nominee. Guidelines for writing such a letter will be included with the nomination form. Nomination forms must be delivered to Glenn Bildsten at Baraboo High School, 1201 Draper Street, Baraboo, WI, 53913 by Monday, March 14, 2022 to be valid.

EIEA Past Recipients

Kohl Fellowship Award

  • 2020 - Kristina Puntney

  • 2020 - Teresa McCulloch

  • 2020 - Kelly McCabe

  • 2020 - Shelly Gillmore

  • 2020 - Laura Allaby

  • 2018 - Amy Fassbender

  • 2018 - Dr. Michelle Bartman

  • 2018 - Dan Rhode

  • 2017 - Liz Gulden

  • 2017 - John Blosenski

  • 2016 - Karen Olson

  • 2016 - Jori Ruff

  • 2015 - Kristin Rockwell

  • 2013 - Jane McMahon

  • 2012 - Deanna Lensert

  • 2007 - John Gunnell

  • 2004 - Sue Gogue

  • 1998 - Karen Mesmer

Teacher of the Year

2019 Elementary Teacher of the Year - Elizabeth Gulden

2014 Press Release- Teacher of the YearJane McMahon was presented with the teacher of the year award.

2019 Wisconsin Elementary Teacher of the Year

Liz Gulden 2019 Wisconsin Elementary Teacher of the Year

Baraboo School District's Elizabeth Gulden, 2019 Wisconsin Elementary Teacher of the Year, was honored at the Wisconsin State Education Convention on January 23rd in Milwaukee. Former State Senator Herb Kohl was also in attendance for the awards ceremony.

Gulden said, "It was an absolute honor to finally meet Senator Kohl and thank him in person for all of his extremely generous monetary contributions to Wisconsin schools and students."

Gulden and District Administrator Dr. Lori Mueller also had an opportunity to meet newly appointed Wisconsin State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor at the event.

In addition to maintaining her role as a kindergarten teacher at Gordon L. Willson Elementary, Mrs. Gulden will now serve on the Wisconsin Teacher of the Year Council, alongside Baraboo School District's instructional facilitator, Jane McMahon. Gulden's work as part of the Council will include the areas of: teacher leadership, new teachers identified as Educators of Promise, and advocating for early childhood education best practices in our state.