Virtual Learning

This page was designed to help suport our parents and students for our students who are working at home virtually.  We have created some content to help you navigate at home learning.  Pleae review the infomation below and if you have any futher questions, you can contact our district office.

Virtual Learning Resources

Technical Support Please use the following steps in getting technical support for your student(s) device(chromebook/iPad) issues.

Google Tutiorials Need to learn/understand more about the resources your student(s) are using. Here are some great resources to help you get used to these new resources.

Supports for Parents/Guardians

Community Presentation Naomi Harm gave a community presentation on 9/9. She shared valuable resources for virtual families on the following topics. Setting up a virtual learning environment. Accessing technology, tips and tricks Building confidence to support virtual learning

SeeSaw Presentation An elementary focused SeeSaw presenation.

Last Updated: 11/30/20

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